Rehoming resources

We are not a vet & cannot offer medical advice. If you have an emergency or medical issue, please visit your local vet or urgent care.

Surrendering a cat can be an incredibly difficult decision.  Catz Angels' priority is strays and unhoused cats so we are unable to take owned cats that were not adopted from us. If you previously adopted your cat from us, please reach out to us via email or phone to explore your options, including returning the cat.

If you find you have no other option but rehoming, we find that family or friends are often the best place to start.  If no one close to you is able to take in the cat, here are some rehoming resources:
Rehome Adopt-A-Pet

If you are on Facebook, there are several groups you can post in:
Cat Parents of Omaha 
Nebraska Cats/Kittens Looking For Good Homes
Animals for Adoption - Nebraska   
Pets to Rehome in Omaha-Metro area  
Rehoming Omaha-Area Pets 
And don’t forget to promote them on your personal social media platforms! 

Be sure to view this excellent resource from Humane Society of the United States for some great tips to make your cat stand out!​.

For difficult behaviors that you're unable to manage on your own, the first step should always be a vet visit. Cats are notorious for hiding pain and may have negative behaviors that are actually indicative of a medical issue. For example, urinating outside of the box is a common sign of a urinary tract infection, usually treatable with a course of antibiotics. Hiding, not eating, lethargy are other indications of an underlying medical issue. If a vet visit is made and no medical reason is confirmed for the behavior, then further exploration is warranted! Below are a few links for great resources in regard to common behavioral issues.
ASPCA - Common Behavioral Issues
Best Friend Society - Preventing Undesirable Behaviors
Merck - Behavior Problems in Cats
If issues are identified but further assistance is desired, there are local behavioralists such as Allison Helps Cats.

Behavioral resources

financial assistance

Pets need care just as humans do. The best plan is to put a little money away each month to have when your pets are due for their yearly checkup and shots, or if an emergency arises.  In today’s world, we know this can be a struggle! So below are a few additional options including pet insurance, financing, grant options and crowdsourcing.
Care Credit
Pet Insurance
Help A Pet
Red Rover 

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